21 February

Work is the only thing that gives life meaning.

Kahlil Gibran. A girl in the bookstore on S. Congress leafing through Kahlil Gibran. We know the pull and the leaf. We held close The Prophet in high school and then twice again in college. And now we plow the fields. And next year we will plow again. We are eternity staring itself in the mirror. And we are the mirror.

Heidegger. Dasein. Again we come back to Dasein. Dasein what is your project. What is your project Dasein and where is your hammer. Have you finally smoked all of the weed and look you’ve lost your hammer.

‘America when will you take off your clothes?’–Ginsberg

Dasein when will you take off your clothes.

Dasein when will the laptop computer become ready-to-hand instead of present-at-hand.

We will work ourselves into the grooves of the lock. We are the key.


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