little bitch in the night aren’t we

out a little too far

out. (black OCEANS)


we fucked up again didn’t we

say we weren’t going to?

little bit less exotic than it used to be

ephemeral incredibut and we knew everything and felt everything and burned the night quick like

roman candle elliott smith it ended

with warmth.

(cold ocean DARK)

little bitch we loved that quote in high school about

being so far out we could never come back

from Burroughs. we could probably make it through

more than fifty pages of Naked Lunch now but we/you don’t won’t even have a wife to shoot like a man(ic).

little bitch you never exercise anymore

you used to like how it felt

like it felt and then didn’t.

how strange! a

little bitch all neurotic. we(you)’re not cute anymore

and YOU haven’t FUCKED anyone

in how many months has

it been since you said this is the last time

the first time?

is our hand shaking or is it just your head

thinking handisshaking. don’t fucking ask me

if there’s a difference stop your shit.

you drowned a very long time ago stop crying

you little bitch, and what, exactly, are you doing naked and alone on somone else’s queen-sized bed at fourthirtyinthemorning on a thursday with your phone up to your face such that you can see the glow of the phone in the reflection of your eyes on the phone googling is it possible to overdose on lisdexamfetamine?

when you already know the answer

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