Some people swear that testing after exercise is beneficial, but damn. I just went -5 on LG from PT 59.1. The third game threw me for a loop and took me way too long. I went -4 on the last game because I ran out of time.

But really I just felt (feel) tired. Was sluggish on the first two games, too. 1.5 hrs of tennis after work and the sun was brutal. I was going to try 59.2, a LR section, but it’s already 9:30 and I’m tired and my mind just isn’t there.

Haven’t not done at least one timed section of practice since last Saturday (10 day streak!) so I’m sticking it out and feeling good about that. I’m bad at forming good habits and good at forming bad habits (see: drugs, alcohol, exercise, studying, eating, reading, video games, everything). But fuck if I’m not getting better.

Can’t even type complete sentences right now. Because I’m not thinking in complete sentences. I’m not thinking much of anything. Did some untimed Parallel Reasoning review on the train.

-5 on games should never happen. Never. But it’s only been a week and a half since I started studying so no need to berate self.

Need to go -0 on the real test. Good thing is I’ve got more than three months to practice.

Notes for future reference:

    • need to have sufficient understanding so that when they throw grouping w/ a twist you can adapt
  • keep doing timed sections at different times of day, experimenting w/ how mind and body feel
    • examine patterns that emerge, correlations between scores and testing conditions?
  • PT 59.1



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