Put in about an hour and a half of review today, but it wasn’t of the highest quality.

Basically I just went over the answers I got wrong on PT 61 yesterday. On most I had narrowed it down to two answer choices and guessed wrong. Sucks, but then there were probably a bunch for which I had narrowed it down to two ACs and guessed correct–I didn’t review those. I still have over three months before the September test; I have to keep telling myself–like verbally, audibly telling myself–it’s okay that I’m not 100% on a good chunk of the questions this far out. I have this tendency to berate myself for being imperfect and then feel shitty for extended periods of time. This behavior isn’t conducive to learning, improving, happiness, or health.

I am getting better, though. This whole LSAT thing is a project in self-improvement. And it’s okay that I’m not 100% on a good chunk of questions this far out.

But no one scores a 180 by being anything less than 100%. You don’t just ‘get lucky’ on this test.

So there’s work to be done. And work we will do. We must plow the fields–now, and next year.

LR question types to work on:

  • Weaken
    • These questions aren’t typically the most difficult for folks, and me missing a significant number of them indicates that I don’t fully understand what the testmakers are looking for w/r/t sufficient and necessary conditions and overall argument structure.
  • Parallel Reasoning (and Flawed PR)
    • This is going to take a while
  • Necessary Assumptions
    • There are some fucking difficult questions out there, man.

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