Falling into some sort of routine. Untimed review on the train. More LR weakening questions.

Started FaceTime blind review with some dude from the Top-Law-Schools forum who’s tryna go to Yale! We both took 62.1, a RC section, and then went through the ACs.

Went -2, which is pretty wild. I can hit 175 if I go -2 on test day. Hell, I can hit 180 with a -2.

Still, it’s not a typical score for me; on both last Sept.’s test and PT 61 this past weekend, I went -5.

Two others should be joining our study sessions soon. Well one chick is flaky, but yeah, study partners = good. This shit is so helpful w/r/t motivation and accountability.

Lots of work to do, folks. Tomorrow sections 62.2 and 62.3 and BR of both.


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