This post is ~12hrs overdue, but I was too tired to write anything last night.

Did 62.2 (LR) and 62.3 (LG) last night after work and then blind reviewed them w/ the dude from TLS. Still don’t know name. Went -2 on LR and -0 on games. He didn’t do as well, but the BR was fruitful. To be honest I’m kind of killing 62–although one section at a time.

Notes for future reference:

  • Review Sufficient Assumption Qs
    • Recognize the question stem:
      • Know immediately what to look for in ACs based off of the phraseology of question stem
  • Bubbling in AC’s after completing all the Qs saves time
  • Skip and come back to difficult questions
    • This has worked very well recently w/r/t saving time


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