Took section 62.4 after work before tennis today. Ended up going -4, which means this was my worst section, but I’m not too mad about it because I was running out of time (keep telling myself the speed will come) and missed two out of three of the last questions.

This puts me at -10 for the whole test (or -8 if you count the last two questions from 61.1, reading comp, which I did in the two minutes after the time was up).

That’s comes out to a 173. (potentially 175).

Of course the aggregate score is largely meaningless because I split the test up over three days. It’s not a real test score. Still, I took the sections under real test conditions, with a timer and automated proctor etc. I feel like that number means something.

So things are good. Will review the LR from PT62 tomorrow and take PT 63 on Saturday morning. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

One thing that’s been on my mind recently: is this sustainable?

Not the scores. I know I can maintain high scores (and ideally increase my avg.) if I keep up this routine.

But that’s a big if, right? It’s like, am I really going to do this for the next three months? How? Actually how the fuck? What am I going to be thinking, say in late July, after I’ve been doing LSAT prep and reading LSAT blogs and listening to LSAT podcasts everyday for the past sixty days? What is that going to feel like, phenomenologically? Going at this rate, how am I not going to get worn out or give up? And what if I don’t keep improving? What if my scores start going down?

I know people who would kill their mother for a 168, much less a 17x. But it all comes down to goals, right? And my goal is relatively simple: I want to not walk out of the test center on Sept. 16th thinking I could’ve done better. Knowing I could’ve.

This is an ambitious project, but it’s what I have to do in order to achieve my full potential. To feel satisfied. To not feel regret. And it’s my only shot at NYU/Berk/Mich.

A boy can dream.


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