Spent all of my time after work playing Has Been Heroes. It’s more addicting than BotW, and I think I like it too much.

This means no studying happened.

I don’t want to give myself over to video games. I don’t want that to be my life. And yet just last night I spent all my free time playing video games? A disconnect. Perhaps a lack of autonomy, fleshbag. An indication, a gentle reminder from the universe, that you are still a human being, and struggle.

The anxiety hit me when I was trying to sleep. Why was my brain stimulated electric unstopping mechanical FUCK? I know the answer.

And now the next day at work (writing this on the 20th) I’m a bit sluggish bit slow bit tired thinking why did I choose to play four hours of Has Been Heroes instead of study for an hour and play three hours of HBH? Am I still shook from Saturday’s mishap w/r/t PT72? Don’t I still dream about law school? How bad, really, do I want this?


It’s okay. Learn from your experience. Let the past be your teacher.

It’s okay to wear a fish in your hair.

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