Just finished BRing 63.1, LR, w/ Kurt. Tara was a no-show oh noooooo. Her loss.

Went -1.

The only question I missed was #21, a parallel reasoning question. It was definitely the most difficult question of the section, but in my defense Kurt called when I was still in the middle of the question (once I realized it was PR, I skipped it and moved on; came back once I finished the rest of the q’s) and probably had about two minutes left. Had my phone on airplane mode like usual, but my laptop started ringing, haHAA. SUCKWS RFOR KIRK

Not saying I would’ve gotten the correct AC, but not saying I wouldn’t’ve, either. I can get better at PR.

Overall, a easy-medium section.

Feels good to do things well.

Tomorrow 63.3 & 4. (No need to BR logic games, lol).


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