2 x 35 min sections this afternoon. 63.3 (LR) and 63.4 (RC). BR w/ Kurt per usual. Still no Tara.

-3 in LR, which is meh. Coupled with my -1 from yesterday, it’s not too bad of an overall LR score, but it’s not where I want to be. Missed an easy weaken question early on. Feelsbadman. Kurt went -0.

RC was a shit show. I only got through the first 3 passages. With that said, only went -1 on the first 21 questions. The speed will come–just gotta keep telling myself the speed will come.

Notes for future reference:

  • Be more confident in RC.
    • You are smart. Your first intuition is usually correct (w/r/t RC)
    • . And you are probably just as likely to get a question right (or wrong) after 30 seconds as you are after 3 minutes
      • Read all the answer choices, but be ok with being unsure. Be confident.
  • Drill Sufficient Assumption
  • Drill Parallel Reasoning
  • Keep drilling weakening


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