Ethan is fostering pups.

Took PT 74 today, beginning at 11am. Threw in PT64.1, LR, as an experimental test section, partly to simulate real testing conditions and partly as a warm-up.

Waited until around 6:30pm to BR w/ Kurt before I graded.



My highest score (considerably higher than the 170 I got a few weeks back) on a full-length PT.

Dudes. So much progress in just a couple of weeks holy shit.

I hit 175+.

Now to just do that consistently LOL.

I think I got an especially high score on this test because RC was kind of catered to my background (as much as I could ever really expect it to be). Legal theory, philosophy of science/free will, Arts, Mexican American civil rights. No hard sciences.

This studying is paying off. I know I’ll probably not score this high on the next PT. But holy shit. This studying is paying off. This is a good place to be roughly 80 days out from test day.

Will write up an overview of the test tomorrow. And I’ve got a Let’s Do BR in the works. 176. It happened. (Would’ve been a 177 if I included the one question from RC for which I ran out of time and took about a minute overtime answering). :/. Still made a couple of silly mistakes. There is a shitload of work to do, boys and girls.

lf;jifdieioobeoieoigoihgoijegohiefiohfeohi;aew, you know? I’m good.

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