Took yesterday off. Kurt suggested it–u know ur boy aint protest LOL. It definitely helped abate some stress.

Today I did 65.3 (RC) and 65.4 (LR).

Went -3 on RC BUT the thing is, I ran out of time (ugh) and didn’t answer the last three questions (of the third passage; I usually do comparative reading last. Not sure if this is the best strat). So every question I answered, I got correct: 24/24.

Which is good, I think.

On LR, I went -4. Missed the last 4 questions of the section (and only those questions). Feels bad. Like, that’s not how you want to end your test, ya feel. Didn’t BR these questions…

-8 on PT65 LR overall. 169 on the test overall which is alright since I went -4 on LG.

Notes for future reference:

  • Drill AND BR Flaw questions

I want do do a sort of June-in-review post tomorrow where I analyze mah posts from the past month. Look for patterns or some spit. Somebody* remind me.



*This is a joke. Did you laugh. Nobody will remind me to do this monthly review post. Get it. It’s a joke. Nobody, not somebody. I HAVE CONFRONTED THE IRREDUCIBLE AND UNDENIABLE TRUTH OF MY EXISTENCE AS A HUMAN BEING AMONG OTHER HUMAN BEINGS AND I HAVE CONCLUDED: I AM ALONE.

suck my toes, nerds

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