Did the LG sections from PTs 19 and 20 today. Went -1 on both. The games in Pts 19-28 are some of the weirdest, most unconventional games ever printed, but I felt like these two sections specifically weren’t all that difficult.

Meh, -1 is not ideal. One of the questions I got wrong because I misread/misunderstood a single rule. Meh

Meh. Mulholland Drive was mesmerizing. Reading Duff McKagan’s autobiography–not sure why other than the fact that it was $3 at goodwill and seemed interesting. And it is. Interesting.

Back on chicken. Been consuming a lot of food recently. Keeping notes of my workouts, however modest they are, so maybe I’ll put those up on here. Accountability. Kahlil Gibran plowing the fields.

Wonder if w/ this new diet and increased dedication to workouts I’ll start to gain strength. Something about dysmorphia and lack of sex and drugged up fucked up brain chemistry and progress and -1 FUCK I hate missing LG questions :/

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