Took the LG sections of PTs 21 and 22 today.  Went -1 and -0, respectively, although on both I took an extra minute or two finish the last game. Some really weird games, especially in PT21.

Also took 54.2, an LR section, on which I went -0. Again, that’s not a totally honest number because I didn’t make it to the last two questions in time.

Dealing w/ the time constraints in is going to be my biggest challenge come September. Getting to and having the time to understand the last 2-3 questions in a section is what separates a 168 from a 175.

I am 23 years old and this is my life. It is a good life. But not the Good Life (trying my best here, Plato!–If I knew better I would necessarily do better, isn’t that right? #platonicepistemology #ayooo #gotem).

But some part of me wishes I was closer to home today.

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