Ugh. Writing this 12hrs late because my Macbook Pro wouldn’t turn on last night. Black screen of death. No sounds. No lights. No signs of life. Except it would charge.

Made an appointment to meet some mfkin geniuses at the mall tomorrow after work, although this morning when I checked it the thing did boot. But the trackpad wasn’t working at all. What gives?


Went -6 on the RC from PT66.1 last night. 4 questions I answered incorrectly, and 2 I didn’t get to. Made some stupid mistakes (mistook ‘disagree’ in the question stem for ‘agree,’ read an EXCEPT question too fast). The passage on which I thought I did the best (about a Toni Morrison novel and Duke Ellington), I totally whiffed (-2).


Sucks that I have such variation still in my RC scores.

9/9 on PR questions on the train tho. If I can get my LR scores down to -1/-0 consistently, I’ll be okay with going -6 on RC come test day.

Still more than 2 months until then. The grind continues.


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