“When I started using a stopwatch to take individual sections, I felt more in control of the test. I was going over time by a few minutes in the beginning, but I started to get a natural feel for what pace I needed to be going and eventually became consistent with finishing in time and being able to go back and review questions I wasn’t sure about. When I moved back to doing timed full length PTs, my score was consistently higher and I felt a lot more confident in knowing that I was in control of my pace.”

  user holymolyoly on TLS

So I tried using the stopwatch app on my phone last night (writing this the day after since my macbook is still in the shitter) instead of timing myself via the 7sage app’s proctor function (which is what I normally do), in part based off of this post I came across on Top-Law-Schools.

Not a great experience. When I got to question 8, I felt I was moving slow so I looked at the stopwatch (mistake) and saw I was already more than 9 minutes into the test (slow, but not that slow). I got mad at myself for checking the time (because what good does that do besides satisfy some fruitless curiosity?), took my phone off my desk, and put it in a drawer (so I wouldn’t check it again).

Ended up getting questions 9-12 wrong.

While I can’t say that my (self-imposed) interruption directly caused me to miss these question, it’s rare af for me to miss more than 2 LR questions in a row. Truth is I think I got spooked by the time and tried to rush things. And while this may sound like I’m just making excuses for a less-than-stellar performance, the score isn’t important. I don’t need to excuse it. What’s important is experimenting with different ways to study so that I can study most effectively so that in September I do well on the real test.

-5 on the section overall. I tried the stopwatch method and fucked it up. I’ll try it again tonight (with my phone in the drawer the whole time) and be a bit less stressed about time. Because isn’t that the point of doing the stopwatch method in the first place? To not have to worry about a strict 35min proctor?

Hopefully I’ll have a working laptop by tomorrow.

XxXn0sC0p3420xXx signing off.

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