Man I’ve had some trouble keeping up with this blog since I took a hiatus a couple weeks ago. I’ve still been studying daily–Saturday I took full 5-section PT and Sunday I drilled two sections of games–but haven’t gotten around to writing about it.

I cannot get complacent. Especially not after the 168 on PT 78 Saturday.

I went -3 on LR 1, -3 on LG, -1 on LR 2, and -6 on RC.

Sucks to miss Games questions. Especially 3 of them. The thing is, I got done the section in time, so it wasn’t like I went 20/20 and then ran out of time for the last 3 questions. No, I missed one question (the very first question of the entire section) on the first game, one question on the second game, and another question in the middle of the fourth game. Sucks. Missing the first question indicates to me that either I’m rushing or I don’t have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Probably, the truth is a combination of both. I watched the 7sage video explanations to review the games sections.

-4 overall on LR is decent, if unideal. I’m writing this at work so I don’t have the test in front of me, but I input my AC’s into 7Sage Analytics. So let me take a look…

I missed:

  • 1 RRE (discrepancy)
  • 1 Necessary Assumption
  • 1 Strengthen
  • 1 Evaluate the Argument

So this isn’t a lot to work with, as far as studying and drilling questions by type goes. I don’t have enough data for there to be recognizable patterns from which to make conclusions about my weaknesses. In my June posts, I was detailing question types I missed quite often. But this wasn’t comprehensive. I suppose I could go back and input into Analytics answers from sections I’ve taken previously, and I might do this if I find the time. In any case, I’ll use 7Sage Analytics for sections I take from here on out.

RC was shit. Just ran out of time. Ugh.

Woulda been a 171 if I went -0 on games.

Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. 2 months of studying to go! I can do this.

Yesterday (7.17.2017) I did the games sections from SuperPrep tests A and B. They were really difficult–I didn’t even get to the fourth game of A in time. And I missed four questions before game four. I moved a bit quicker in B, though my phone died midway through game 3 and with it any reliable way to have known how much time had passed since beginning the section. Probably somewhere between 35-38 mins if I had to guess.

The grind continues.



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