Waddup cruel & indifferent universe

how r u todya lol

Writing this a day late (as I sometimes tend to do) but fuck at least I’m writing it okay?


So last week I had some downtime and printed out some games from old cambridgeLSAT pdf’s I have (don’t ask me how I got them–I’m sworn to secrecy). More specifically, games from PTs 41-43. I have three copies of each.

I did the games from 41 and 43 yesterday at work (I hope boss never finds out about this blog shhhh)

After work, I did some warmup LR questions from the first two pages of a section from PT57, and then, feeling sufficiently “in the zone,” 68.2. BR’d with Kurt afterwords. Finished in time and went -1, only missing question 16, a principle/strengthen question the stimulus of which I just did not comprehend. It made sense on review tho (Kurt got the question correct).



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