Getting fatter than a walrus, ive gained a couple hundred pounds in the last couple decasde


Took PT76 on Saturday.

-11, a converted score of 171. Better than my previous score (168 mfker) by quite a bit, but still no 176.

Score Breakdown:

RC (-8)

LR1 (-0)

LG (-2)

LR2 (-1)

So yeah. -8 on RC doesn’t feel good. There wasn’t one passage in particular that I bombed. Feels bad man. I need to drill RC a lot of over the next 7 weeks because…

DRILLING WORKS, MAN. That LR score tho, right? It’s the best I’ve done on LR on a PT (ever) and it really feels good. I had ample time leftover in both sections. I think this is in part due to the fact that I’ve been reading question stems before stimuli and in part due to the fact that I’m beginning to be more confident (which leads to and is a result of more prephrasing correct answers, more skimming for answers that match my prephrase, and more moving on quickly after determining the correct answer).

LG–I dont know about you, dude. 2 questions wrong on the last game. Ran out of time. It wasn’t even that hard–so why was it so hard??

The deep questions

my father’s father was an alcoholic and my father was an alcoholic and i had a substance abuse problem including an alcohol problem by the time i was 22 and 23 now but and i but i just think it’s really important to keep this on the front of my frontal lobe or some shit, fam, because my father doesnt drink now and neither do i

Need to keep up the prep.

Also took PT68.1 (LR) on Friday and reviewed with Kurt on Sat. We both went -3. Doesn’t feel great but I knew it was a difficult section. Sometimes you just know, you know?

Need to keep up the prep. (So much foods nom nom onom)

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