173 on PT 73.

-0 LG (PT 28.2, Experimental)

-6 RC

-2 LR1

-0 LG

-1 LR2

That reading comp tho. Still averaging in the low 170s. 173 is a bit higher than most of my scores, but not by so much as to be indicative of progress. Still peaked at 176 back in June on PT74.

re: rc: The 5 minute warning was called before I made it to the 4th passage so it’s not surprising I missed 4 of the final 6 questions. I’ve been saying ‘the speed will come on reading comp’ for about two months now, and bitch still aint come. Time to get serious about RC and drill more than 1-2 sections/week. Tired of bullspitting myself. Gonna have to get my reading comp scores to -4 at the most if I want 175+ in Sept.

How many days are in August? 30? 31? And why don’t I know?

Whatever the answer is, that’s how many RC sections I want to drill over the course of the month. Leggoooooo

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