Took some time off from studying after the 173 on Saturday. Yesterday Kurt and I took 71.1 (LR).

Felt bad about the first page of questions (uncertainty, sluggishness, just wasn’t in the zoneflowzengroove) but still finished the section with a cool 4 mins left. Sucks butts because I went -2.

One question (#22, NA) I just straight up got wrong. Like even in BR, when Kurt was trying to convince me of E (teh correct answer) I was like, nah, shit doesn’t maek sense ya demon. I was like na bitch blap bla it’s A blap blap (*dives out of the window of a moving car*). Blap blap. Turns out it wasn’t A (*falls to knees gripping chest like bad shakespeare actor*) and so I’ll take that L, as the kids say.

But the other question I missed, #19, was a principle question and I missed it only because I read the question stem wrong. Like. Fuck. I read the question as “which of the following scenarios conforms most closely to the principle described above” when really it was asking for the exact opposite–which of the following most violates the principle. Fucking principles. What was the name of the principal on Recess.

I’ve been reading question stem first and it has (adverb) improved my consistency and I always have 3-5 minutes left at the end of sections and so there’s no reason for me not to TAEK MOIRE TIME ON READING QUESTION STEM.

come on, dinglenuts, get your spit together.

*snorts chocolate*

fuk im good waddup

any1 want snort some this chocolate

*snorts chocolate*

fuck law school

i just like the admissions test

it was Principal Prickly.

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