Took 71.2 (LG) and 71.3 (LR) last night. Went -0 and -2 respectively.

LG wasn’t too difficult–mostly sequencing games, one double-layered and one w/ a twist. Finished the first game in roughly 3 seconds (that’s a joek it was closer to 4 minutes) so I had enough time left to get through the more challenging games.

LR was a bitch. I know–I went -2 so how hard could it have been, right?–but trust me, that was one of the more difficult LR sections I’ve taken in the last 2 months. Still finished in time, but not with the usual 3-5 minutes left. I got kind of lucky on question 24 and then missed #25 and #26.

25 was a strengthen question that both Kurt and I missed. We both had different answer choices too, which speaks to the overall assramming-ability of this question. Moreover, we both agreed that it was difficult to make sense of the stimulus’ argument. I’m not sure that given unlimited time, I would’ve gotten this question correct.

26 was a resolve-the-paradox question. Kurt got it right but I missed it. The answer I chose (C) only addressed one lemma of the stimulus and thus didn’t resolve shit. Correct answer was E–Kurt convinced me after about 45seconds of discussion. Boo.

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