Satanic Panic in the Attic (8.18.2017)

The LR from the yellow 10 Official… book has me chewing through Ticonderoga #2s like some kind of woodchuck on meth. Been doing at least one section from this book every night for the past week and my (LR) scores are more volatile than ever. I went -1, -5, -0, -2, -2, -4, -1. Less than one month out from test day, this is—how to say?–unnerving.

Trying not to freak out though because last night I had a solid performance. Went -1 on 23.2 (LR) and -3 on 23.4 (RC). 23 is one of the most difficult tests ever administered; its curve is -16. (The test is so difficult that one can miss 4 questions and still get a perfect score (180)). For meaningless comparison in internet micropenis measuments, Kurt went -6 on the LR and -4 on the RC.

I missed 2 questions in the first passage of RC because I genuinely misread question stems. Sucks dumb nuts that I’m still making DUMBNUTS mistakes; doesn’t suck dumb nuts that without DUMBNUTS mistakes I’d have gotten a -1 on the RC of a test w/ a -16 curve.

The general h0-ness of the LSAT and my utter inability to expound upon this statement any further.

The frequency of Aldous Huxley’s use of the adjectives ‘pneumatic’ and ‘indefatigable’ in Brave New World.

Slight heart burn from a shitty Taco Cabana taco.

The almost sexual gratification of being able to breathe out of my left nostril.

Less than 1 month to go. Ho ho h000. Feeling fine. Kind of. Dreaming (literally dreaming, it’s almost laughable and kind of cute) of a 180. Expecting a 165. Won’t be satisfied with anything less than 173.

Hope all these years of informal Satan worship pay off on test day.

DARK LORD, if you’re reading this, lend me your diabolical powers! Assume my body and mind. Come forth and seize upon this test as a lion upon an infant lamb. With my body as a vessel may you ravage the logical!

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