A. Fleshbag’s Redress of Grievances (8.19.2017)

Took PT79 this morning. Those of you familiar with both the LSAT and my history (I don’t imagine there are many of you, but hey) will know that PT79 is both last September’s test and the last administered test for which I sat.

Did well–178–indicating that last weekend’s 178 wasn’t a fluke and that I’m getting pretty fucking good at this test. Yet I would be lying if I said that heading into things I wasn’t anxious about underperforming (after such a high peak last weekend, the pressure to do exceptionally well was palpable). The truth of the matter is that this test is difficult and I’m still starved for time on RC sometimes and I’m still misreading question stems and I rarely feel good about my sections.

Still, I must be doing something right. Two back-to-back 178s: feelsgoodman.

Section 1: RC (Experimental, PT 27.4)

I’ve never done an RC as a warm-up/experimental section and for that reason decided to throw in an old RC on this test. I need to get better at RC–obviously, the only way to do this is by doing RC. So. Yeah. Went -3. Missed one question in the second passage (about volcanoes–the question specifically asked to draw an analogy), which I had circled for BR, and two questions in the last passage (about movies and celebrity culture, of all things) which I had not circled.

Not too much to say. Not sure I would’ve done better with 5/10/15 more minutes. -3 is fine.

Section 2: LR (-0)

Managed to squeak out a -0 on the first section of the actual test. There were only 2 questions I circled for blind review (#10 and #17) and I had enough time after completing the section to review each one for a bit before 35-mins was up. Sweg.

Section 3: RC (-2)

Came in at a solid -2 on this section. Went right up to the buzzer but I was able to fly through the last 5 questions. The first passage was comparative reading, which threw me off a bit, but it was also the easiest (read: least obscure) passage of the section. Spent more time than I would’ve liked on passage #2 and still missed a question (#9).

Section 4: LG (-0)

I knew that game 4–the infamous ‘virus’ game–was going to be highly unusual (I was exposed to it a year ago) but I didn’t remember anything specific about it. Still kind of kicked my ass. The other three games were your standard linear/grouping variety, though, and I was able to breeze through them and leave myself enough time to play around with the fourth game. Wasn’t completely sure about some of my answers to the last few questions when time was called–I didn’t have enough time to double check.

Could’ve easily gone -1/-2.

Section 5: LR (-2)

Missed #19 and #21. Feelsbadman. Pretty sure that #19 is a question I missed last September, too (side note: WHY SO MANY FUCKING QUESTIONS ABOUT LICHENS AND WHAT EVEN IS A LICHEN AND WHY DO WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT NEANDERTHALS AND THEIR DAMN LICHENS ALL THE DAMN TIME><<??). It was a weaken question that had to do with–yes–lichens.

Upon being given the correct answer, I understand what’s going on with this question: the archaeologist is concluding the N smoke meat because L are found in N fireplaces and L fires produce way more smoke than heat or light. In short, she’s concluding from a set of facts about a thing that that thing had one particular use. Her argument would be weakened if it were true that there was reason to believe N used L for a completely different reason consistent with the facts she sites, for example if N used L for fires not because they wanted to smoke meats, but because it was the best damn thing they had for fire. This is what B is getting at–no plants that could be burned more effectively to produce heat or light were available 60,000 years ago.

But I didn’t get that initially–I didn’t get that even on BR. Fucking lichens.

#21 is a necessary assumption question unique for the fact that it’s a NA about an argument from analogy. I still don’t really understand why the answer is (C) and not (A).

I had both #19 and #21 circled for BR (which is a good sign–if you’re getting any questions wrong, you want them to be those questions for which during your timed attempt you doubted your answer choice). But I didn’t change either of my answers for them. Boo.


I probably won’t get a 178 come test day, but who knows? It’s possible.

In any case, I’m happy with how things went today.

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