autonomou.swimming qua being

On my mind lately: how to keep this blog updated with some modicum of consistency once the LSAT is over. I think the (read: one possible) answer is a journal of my swim workouts. For the past month and a half I’ve been swimming four to six times a week, and my workouts now are such that it’s worth documenting them.

Posting my swim workouts will benefit me in two ways. The first is that it’ll allow me to track my progress. Through my experiences with the AF LSAT Journal, I’ve learned progress can be its own motivator; it propels itself. A brute fact about human existence (or maybe I’m just too much swayed by Hegel here): it’s encouraging to look back and see growth. And at the end of the day, this whole Autonomous Fleshbag thing is about growth. Autonomy reveals itself in–and only in–time. Gradually the fleshbag riseth, or something.

The other way autonmou.swim (name is a work in progress–taking suggestions) will benefit me (and here this might be a stretch) is it’ll keep me writing. Most days I may just list my workouts with little (read: no) explication. But. Yanno. When I swim I think a lot about swimming–and not just like the actual strokes I’m performing, but swimming in the abstract. Swimming qua being. As a way of existing.

The breath. Always obsessed with the breath.

But and so but I have thoughts, is what I’m saying. And I want to keep writing.By keeping track of my workouts, maybe I’ll be more willing to keep track of my thoughts. Maybe I’ll be more willing to write.


(I wish I would’ve started doing this when I began swimming at the end of July. I was only doing 600-800 yards per day then, broken up into 100s and 200s. To say that my workouts then were modest would be generous.)

I’m up to roughly 9,000 yds/week now. I say roughly because without a workout journal to reference, it’s hard to assign a high degree of credence to any number. Hence this post. But 9,000 sounds (close to) right. In any case, I swim quite a bit more than I did even a month ago.

Short-term goal: hit 1×1650 free. Swim a mile nonstop.

Long-term goal: hit 60,000 yards in a month.


sure, why not?


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