In the pool by 8:30 this morning. Took off work to get my mind right for the LSAT tomorrow. Can’t believe test day is finally here. Anyway, I wanted to swim a lot today so I’d be tired enough to fall asleep early tonight.

1 x 1650 (!) free, 28 minutes (3 min rest)

1 x 500 free pull (1 min rest)

1 x 400 free pull (30 sec rest)

1 x 300 free pull (20 sec rest)

1 x 200 free pull (2 breath rest)

1 x 100 free pull

3150 yds, 57 minutes

Felt good in the water and just kept going. Was originally shooting for 1 x 1200, but around yard 1000 I was like, fuck it, if I can do a 1650 right now I can get a 180 tomorrow. First time ever swimming a mile nonstop! Praying to the LSAT gods for a generous curve.

3150 is the most yardage I’ve swam in a single session since high school. I’ll need to hit this number 5x/week if I want to hit my long-term goal of 60,000 yds/month. It feels doable. On top of the world after that 1650yeeeeeeee.

What should new short term goal be? 25 minute mile? 22? 4000 yds in a day?

For now, if I could just replicate this workout three times in a single week, I’d be stoked.

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