In the pool by 9:30 this morning. Slight head cold, kinda snotty kinda crappy but didn’t swim yesterday (too busy wallowing in self-pity after getting rekt by the LSAT–but that’s another story that deserves its own post) so was eager to get back in the water. Plus I ain’t have shit else to do. Now that I’m (potentially) done studying for the LSAT, my days are mostly empty vessels. Might as well work on this life/living/staying alive thing.

1 x 1650 (2 min rest)

6 x 200 free pull (moderate pace, 20 sec rest in between)

1 x 200 breast

1 x 250 free (cooldown)

3300 yds, ?? minutes

After such a strong day on Friday, I didn’t want to get in the pool and not do a 1650. The first 300-400 sucked though–rather than being in the zone, I was obscenely far removed from it and, moreover, aware of this fact. The opposite of zen is hyperselfaware breathless flailing, and panic.

But of course the mind settled after awhile and with it the body too. Wait–hold on fuck which one settled first and is there a difference between the two? Shh. Breathe. Inconsequential question. Querulous? Quiescent. Of course the mind settled and I started to feel myself sweat, like profusely pour perspiration under water into the water, which is one of the strangest possible sensations. The water starts to feel colder on your skin somehow and your skin more like water (distinctions blur) and all you really know is your face is hot under those goggles really hot like if you touched it you would feel it of course but you don’t need to touch it because you are it and so on and etc. and breathe and pull and pull and pull and breathe. And then 800 was gone and 1200 and breathe and it was over and I felt good mainly for avoiding feeling like a bitch by not failing to do a mile. Woo. Forgot to check the time when I started, but I imagine this mile took me about the same amount of time as the one on Friday, about 28 minutes.

6 x 200 free pull. Fuck mang. In distance swimming almost all force is generated by the pull rather than the kick so after the mile my arms/shoulders/lats were already feeling it, and another 1200 pull had me sore. Particularly my right shoulder was (and still is) sore. But it’s the good kind of sore :sunglassesemoji: :ironicLMAOO:

But so did some cooldown dickaround to cap the workout at a cool 2 miles. :ironichashtagGAINZ:. Feelsgoodman.

I think I’m ready to start doing more focused intermediate-level workouts. I can probably find some gooduns on the interwebs somewhere, aye? I’m happy with how things are going right now, but I want to start refining my technique (and times) rather than, or in addition to, piling on the yardage. We’ll see, I guess.

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