In the pool by 7:15 (pm).

Went to a happy hour for and after work today (I was the only one not drinking–am used to it by now) and then the pool afterwards, hence the late start time. Cheesebellied and sore from an intense swim workout and light weightlifting yesterday, I went for a quick swim.

1 x 1650

4 x 100 free pull sprints (on 1:30)

1 x 100 back pull

2150 yards, 42ish minutes

Light workout but thank KIRK I got in the water. I fear missing a day; inconsistency begets failure. I know this and yet part of me still wanted to skip swimming–after all I had a good workout yesterday and it is happy hour and don’t I deserve the night off etc etc. But of course these are the pernicious thoughts of the unautonomous shitbag, that impish monkey with confetti for brains, and I’m able to recognize them as such.

This is my 4th or 5th time swimming a mile nonstop. Today I proved to myself I could do it even when I sore/tight/tired. Woooo.

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