GIve mE novebmer the warmth of a whipser

the reason is: not enough time clean

ah but yes but–

it’s ok, she says, your personal statement was awesome. i am

blown away by you and there are not many people like you

who got out. muich less 23 year olds specifically, your story is incredible,

and i can tell by talking to you these past couple months that you

will go on to amazing things and yadayada


but in her voice you hear she really means it.

and you believe it too, of course, if you’re honest with yourself.

she says look at this as an opportunity

and you say yes of course but–

there is nothing you can do now.

and talk 5 more minutes about thank you and yes i will look at this as an opportunity and try again in 5 more years or at least 2 and i will go on to do amazing things.

and put the phone down and back into your pocket and walk back to your desk and think ok stay with the breath. still with the breath. always with the breath.