in the pool by 7:10

1×1650 pull

getting back on the horse (and by horse i dont mean heroin i mean the horse of life, that WILD BRONCO (shouts out to BRONCHO) from which ive fallen so many times SAD BOYS GIDDYUP BITCHES)


“Books are a way of learning to feel more acutely” – Marguerite Yourcenar

something vague is the best bright eyes song for a couple of reasons, none of which are particularly important or worth writing about. i have no new years resolution but my resolve is off the charts, mostly because there are no charts.

if i don’t finish this william gass novel by sunday i will donate 10 dollars to the american nazi party.  (borrowing this idea from aj jacobs who mentioned it on sam harris’s podcast–yes, fuck you, im listening to waking up and yes, fuck you, i kind of like it).